May 3, 2022

Exploring LaFramboise Island Nature Area on a rainy day

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Captured on LaFramboise Island Capital Trail. I barely took one picture and my camera battery died otherwise I definitely would have shot more in this location and in this weather condition. I love this look so much!

Rainy days are often considered “bad weather” for portrait photography. I recognize most people hope for bright, sunny days for their shoot. The sun makes images feel naturally joyful so I get it! Yet, I’ll be honest, I love light rain, mist and foggy days for photography. It’s probably the weather condition I get most excited for and I try to get out and shoot in whenever I can. The images feel cozier and calmer to me and I love the end result.

The thing about light rain and fog is that you get even light across your landscape no matter the time of day, something you typically only find an hour or two before sunset or shortly after sunrise. This allows you to shoot at times and locations that aren’t ideal on bright, sunny days. It also creates a sense of atmosphere that’s hard to replicate.

My point is, if you wake up on the day of your scheduled shoot and its overcast, drizzling or foggy outside, I’m probably pretty pumped and I hope you are too!

If you’re interested in a family shoot on LaFramboise, I recommend morning sessions for La Framboise if we’re going to stick near the trail heads. That said, if you’re interested and willing to hike a little and explore more of the island to find a unique session spot, contact me and we can chat about it!

Above images captured along Cedar Trail. The pictures of Trevor and Bella are probably some of my current all time favorites.
Above images taken on the South Prairie Trail bridge. Bella was a little spooked by the bridge. Look at her face when Trevor walks over to join her on the bridge! My heart.
Above images captured along Island Tip Trail. If anyone has a boat and wants to go along here for some family pictures when the trees have leaves, I bet it would be gorgeous (and super unique)!

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