April 24, 2022

Your online gallery and store explained

Your online gallery will be a beautiful, accessible way to not only view your images but download them and share them as well.  We want you to be able to save and share your images freely and without any hesitation and so there will not be any watermarks on your images and all of your images will be available to download in high-resolution and social sharing sizes.

Here is some important information that will help you understand your online gallery and all that it can do! 

Downloading photos

You will be able to download your edited images directly from your online gallery and they will be high resolution! When  viewing  your gallery, you will need to enter your name and email address initially to set up  your account.  Once your gallery opens, you will see a “Downward Arrow Icon” at the top right of your screen. Click this button to see downloading options for your photos. If you choose to download all of your images, you will receive an email in your inbox when the download is ready. It can take a few minutes to package hundreds of images to be downloaded. You can also download your images individually.

Accessing your photos on your phone

The online gallery system I use will work on mobile devices as well. It’s simple and easy to download individual photos on your smart phone.  We love this feature because it means that you have immediate access to all of your images when you’re on the go! You may choose to download in full-resolution or social sharing sizes.

Ordering prints and products

You can order professional prints from within your online gallery and have them shipped directly to your house! Print sizes range from 4×6 to 24×36 and are printed in a professional lab to ensure color and contrast accuracy! You are more than welcome to print images on your own. However, I would warn you to avoid Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. I cannot promise that your colors will print true-to-life if you choose to print from non-professional labs. Learn more about non-professional labs.

Gallery expiration

I have great news! Your gallery will be available for an entire year! I would still recommend downloading them and saving them in multiple places as soon as possible for safe keeping! The internet is amazing but it can also be unreliable. Please don’t use your online gallery as a way to permanently store your images.  I recommend downloading and saving your images on a solid state, portable hard drive as a permanent backup while also using an online backup system for a secondary online backup. 

Sharing, watermarking and editing

You have the freedom to share your images in any way that you choose! These are your images and I want you to love them so much that you can’t help but share them. We don’t believe that it is necessary to watermark our images. All I ask for is some type of credit whenever you use an image on social media.

I only have one rule when it comes to what you can and cannot do with my work. I ask clients to refrain from re-editing their images. Let me do that hard work! However, if you have an image or two that you want to print at a very large size and you find an imperfection, I will gladly perfect it! Just let me know! 

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